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How To Split Your Blog Into Separate Pages

How To Split Your Blog Into Separate Pages
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How To Split Your Blog Into Separate Pages

How to show different blog posts on different pages is a question I’ve been asked a few times, and I got asked again recently so I decided to do a quick writeup.

So, let me explain the problem. With WordPress you have 2 options for your site setup:

  1. Use a home page and have a separate blog page
  2. Display your most recent posts on the home page (home page becomes your blog page)

Now that’s great, but what if you want to make your site easier to navigate and particular posts easier to find?

Well, you can actually split your site up into pages of “mini blogs“.

I’ve found that the best way to do this is to add the posts you want on a different page to a different category.For example, here are the Tom Watts Blog categories:


At the moment all of yours may be “Uncategorized“. To change that, go in to edit a post and on the right you’ll see a section where you can create and assign categories (it looks like the image above).

Add whatever categories you want to name your pages. For example, “Music”, “Games”, “Whatever”.

Then go back to the “All Posts” page where you will see all of your posts listed.

Click “Quick Edit” on each one and go through and assign all of them to whatever category you decide is most appropriate. Try to stick to one category per post, otherwise they will show on multiple pages – unless you want that? Hey man, it’s your blog, do whatever you want!

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Then, once you’ve done that, (here comes the magic part) you go Appearance > Menus on your wordpress toolbar and then add “Custom Links” which you’re going to link up to direct to your category pages.

Name each of the new links the same as the name of your categories and then enter the URL of the category page it needs to link to.

To find out where your category’s URL is, for example, your “Uncategorized” category can be seen at http://[YourDomainGoesHere.com]/category/uncategorized/ – so all you have to do is change “Uncategorized” in that URL to the name of whichever category you want it to display posts from.

You can add as many of these links as you can fit on your page (well probably more actually)! You can also link to anywhere else on the web with your menu using the “Custom Link” option.

One other cool thing you can do with these menu links is to link directly to one of your blog posts.

For example my Resources Page is actually a blog post – not a page. I just used a custom link to make it look like a page.

Why bother doing it that way? Because then it can be found in my blog reel as well as on my menu. It can also be shared and found with categories and tags.

So there you go, one new tip to try out!

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