How to Drive Traffic With Instagram

How to Drive Traffic With Instagram
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How to Drive Traffic With Instagram

Tips on How to Create Spectacular Images That Convert

Instagram is not only a fun platform for sharing images, but it’s also an excellent marketing and branding tool. In this article you’ll learn how to drive traffic with Instagram to your business and drastically boost sales.

More and more people are creating Instagram accounts for their businesses because they see it has potential to bring in a lot of sales.

Even bloggers can use Instagram to send traffic to their latest articles. It takes some time to learn how to make images that drive traffic to your articles. But once you learn the ropes, the rewards are well worth the trouble.

On the other hand, marketing on Instagram is different than marketing on traditional social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The main difference being Instagram does not allow live-links in image descriptions.

The reason the company does not allow links in posts is because it wants to cut down on spam.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter are full of spam bots.

There is still hope.

Though Instagram does not allow links in image descriptions, it does allow links in profile bios.

And that’s where we will include the link to our website.

Send Visitors to Your Bio With Smart Images!

Marketing on Instagram is all about creating images that send people somewhere; the main destination being the link in your profile’s bio.

Once you figure out the formula, knowing how to drive traffic with Instagram is a walk in the park.

If you’re not sure how to use Photoshop to create detailed images, don’t worry, that’s not a problem.

There are many tools out there that can make the process much easier for you.

We’ll mention some of these excellent free tools later on in this article so hang in there!

Before we discuss image design, it’s best to decide where you want the link in your Instagram bio to point.

It’s important to decide where your bio link will point because you need to create images that drive people to the link. Though you can change the link on your bio, changing the call to action in the images is a little harder.

And you need to have a clear call to action that flows smoothly from the content of your images.

For example, let’s say that you want to drive traffic to a product review that’s published on your website.

What you can do is include the link to that review in your Instagram bio and then create images that are related to the review and publish them on Instagram.

Product reviews are exceptional because you can include affiliate links within the review for the product you recommend. These reviews can bring in a lot of passive-commissions if you rank for the right keywords.

Skip to the end of this article to find out how you can start publishing high-converting reviews on your website without lifting a finger!

Once you decide which link you want to promote, the next step is creating images.

One such tool is called Canva, an online graphic design tool.

There are others too.

Canva includes pre-made templates for social media that you can edit to include your business logo and website address.

It’s also completely free!

Keep in mind Instagram is primarily a phone-based application. The image quality has to be up to the same standard as Retina and other high-definition smartphone screens.

To uphold the standard, Instagram only allows images with 1080×1080 dimensions.

Create a 1080×1080 custom template with Canva.

Canva Custom Dimensions

Click the “Background” menu and choose a background.

I like to use free stock images as the background with a lowered transparency to make the text stand out. This is where you need to use your creativity to come up with unique color and theme combinations.

Just remember, the call to action and text need to be easy-to-read.

Image Template for Website Content:

For the simplest template, use a Header to enter the title of your product review.

Then, use a sub-heading that asks a provocative question, for example, “Everyone is saying [Product Name] is a scam. Is it true? Let’s take a closer look”.

I like to use the provocative sub-heading template because it hooks people and triggers their curiosity!

Think of this area as an advertisement for your article.

It’s your chance to grab the viewers’ attention.

I have used the above sub-heading description for quite a few product reviews and the conversion are always much higher than industry standard.

Learning how to drive traffic with Instagram is all about capturing attention.

You can create your own template too, feel free to experiment.

Marketing is all about finding what works through trial and error.

Once you have the background, title, and sub-heading in the template; it’s time for a call to action.

Make a Call to Action!

As a marketer, I can tell you that arrows are still an extremely effective way to show people where to direct their attention.

There are plenty of free arrow images that you can download from Google and upload to your template.

I like to use red-arrows that point to the call to action.

Remember, there’s only one place we can include a link; our profile bios.

Therefore, the purpose of the call to action is to send people to our profile page.

One simple call to action that I have used is, “Click Our Bio to Read the Full Review”.

Then, make the final changes.

Send the image to your phone.

Upload it to your Instagram account and include all the relevant hash tags that you can find.


You just learned how to drive traffic with Instagram!

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Have you had success with Instagram? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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  1. GiGi Eats says:

    Instagram is seriously kickingBUTT these days for me and my traffic!!!! I link to my latest blog posts in my bio section, promote the post via a post and then also promote it via Insta-Stories and link to my Instagram profile in there too!! 🙂

  2. I landed here thanks to a Reddit thread, and must say your quotes on trial and error + hooking the visitor are not something that marketers tend to think much about. I’ve read many comments expecting the perfect strategy/technique/tactic to avoid hard work. Nice one timothy.

    PS: Maybe we can talk on Instagram:

    Best regards man

  3. Waqas ahmad says:

    Nice information, driving traffic from Instagram is a really a puzzle. But with hardwork and professionalism you can bring traffic to your website.

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