How To Get More Followers On Twitter

How To Get More Followers On Twitter
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How To Get More Followers On Twitter

If you’re looking to get more followers on Twitter, you’re in luck! In this post I’ll show you exactly how I grow my Twitter accounts to thousands of followers with ease.

If you’re the kind that learns better by watching, please feel free to scroll to the end of the post where there’s a full video showing exactly what I do.

Step 1: A Complete Profile

To start with, you need to have some content on your twitter feed. I recommend at least 15 posts, consisting of a mixture of link, text and image posts.

This is because you’re going to have people coming to check your profile out to decide whether they want to follow you or not. Think about when you visit someones page, the first thing you do is to check their previous posts to make sure they’re worth following, right?

For that same reason, you should also have a good, clean profile picture and an attractive cover image to match. You can easily make a high quality header using Canva, or if you’re struggling to make your own, go check out Fiverr.

Step 2: Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a Twitter and Facebook automation service. The reason I love it so much is for its content scheduling, but also for its automated Twitter replies.

You’ve probably encountered them before – you follow someone, and then almost instantly they message you to say thanks and push some kind of product on you.

Well that’s not what we’re doing. We want to offer something of value, something that the new follower will find useful without having to spend a penny. I suggest using one of your most popular blog posts and using a similar message to mine:

“Thanks for following! Do you have a blog? Check out my HUGE list of blogging resources here:

This confirms to the new follower that you were worth following, and you just made a new ally.

(See video for full Social Oomph guide, click here to get your first week on Social Oomph for free)

Step 3: Follow, Follow, Follow

Identify which popular accounts in your niche have a high volume of followers that would also be interested in your account. For example, if you had a health and fitness blog, you may go to the “Womens Health” Twitter page.

Once you get to that page, pop open their followers list and start clicking like a maniac. Literally follow everyone.

What happens then is the people you just followed will see that you followed and go check out your profile. Once they get there they’ll see some interesting content (which you posted in Step 1) and decide that they want to follow you.

Once they’ve followed you, they’ll then receive your automated message, thanking them for following and offering them an irresistible snippet of your blog.

They’ll delightfully accept and you’ll have one new unique visitor and potential subscriber.

You can follow up to 1,000 people per day (don’t ask why, that’s just how it is) and around 10-25% of the people you follow will follow you back, depending on your niche and how attractive your profile is.

You can follow up to 1,000 people per day (don't ask why, that's just how it is) Click To Tweet

Wait a minimum of 24 hours for people to realize you followed them, and in turn, follow you back.

Step 4: Unfollow, Unfollow, Unfollow

Download an app to your phone (I’m sure there are services online, I just like the ease of doing everything from my phone) and get unfollowing those who didn’t follow you back. Once you’re done you can start the follow process all over again.

With the automated message in place, all you really need to do is keep following and unfollowing each day to build a huge Twitter fan base.

If you pair this tactic with a strong social media posting campaign, you really will be setting yourself up for success. (More on this later, subscribe to avoid missing out!)

Important Note: you WILL end up following spam/bot accounts. You WILL end up following accounts you don’t want to follow. These accounts are harmless to follow. If you find certain accounts posting content you don’t want to see, simply unfollow them. You WILL also get hundreds or thousands of real followers for free that will interact with your content and visit your site.

In my opinion, wading through some bots and sketchy accounts to get your message in front of a larger number of people’s eyes in a short period of time is well worth it.

Some people have already criticized this tactic. But as I mention in the video, this is already in use by some of the worlds largest bloggers and digital marketers.

What do you do to get more followers on Twitter? Will you be trying this? Answer in the comments!


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  1. Elizabeth Jane says:

    This is great! Tom is Social oomph an app for phone or just the website? Also what’s your favorite app for unfollowing people via twitter?

    • Tom Watts says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Social Oomph is an online app only currently – not sure if they have plans to take it mobile but that sure would be nice! And the app o use for iPhone is “unfollow” spelt exactly like that, and I also have the exact same app on my MacBook. Hope that helps 🙂


  2. Raneil Sokhi says:

    These are some great tips!! I use step 3 and 4 ALOT for Instagram too! I better start doing the same for Twitter! Thank you for the great pointers Tom!! 🙂

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